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April 19, 2010
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DA what are you doing? :no: by Ailedda DA what are you doing? :no: by Ailedda
EDIT 2: DA has heard us! They made some changes and now it's no need to click to see the artist's comments. I've seen the change a few times. However, I've heard that some beta testers still see the more button so I guess DA's still working on the change.

Thank you DA for listening to us! :)

EDIT: The news article about this is out now! Your support by faving and/or commenting is highly appreciated and needed here [link] Every fave and comment counts..:)

Thank you very much!

DA plans to hide the artist's comments in version 7 released now to beta testers. If you're a beta tester and do not want your comments hidden then please post a comment on the forum and let DA know it! [link]

I for one, do not agree with hiding the artist comment box. It shouldn't be hidden. If you don't want to read it , ignore it. But that is part of my PIECE and I want that part to BE SEEN not HIDDEN.

What will happen when we add thumbs and no one will see them? Because I'm 100% sure that people WILL NOT click that button just to read the comments. So there...and it goes further than that...credits, copyrights, stamps, thumbs, dedications, lyrics, and so DA becoming like photobucket or flickr? Why is the comment box still there anyway? No one will ever bother reading it anymore!...:no:

We are a community, we are here to share our work, interact with others, help expose other fellow deviants but how can we still do that if no one will see our comments? Now DA has found a better way to help support each hiding the artist's comments! Nice!that was sarcasm btw
tennyomelime Apr 22, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
So DA has decided to not do this after all?
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